The Memory Drawer Eng. version (PDF)

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The wondrous friendship between a lonely clown and a shy boy.


Every person who lives in this small town has his or her own "drawer". The contents of the drawer are a mass of memories, and the drawer contains memorabilia representing that person. However one day, Ricordo the clown, the only one in town who does not have his own drawer, meets an 8-year-old boy named Sam Clock. Was their encounter coincidental or inevitable? Discover the true real reason why Ricordo doesn't have his own drawer ...

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Dimensions : 21.6 x 1 x 15.2 cm

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Publication: Bungeisha

Publication date: 2022/10/15

ISBN: 978-4-286-24018-3

Genre: Children's storybooks, Picture books, Fantasy, Fiction